Subway Performance

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"Ein Fuß in der Vergangenheit, der andere in der Zukunft. Beide verweilen gerade nur so lange, bis das Vertrauen in die Gegenwart gefestigt ist. Dann gehen sie weiter..."(H.E.Schano)

"One foot in the past, the other in the future. Both remain until the confidence in the present is secured. Then they walk on..."(H.E.Schano)



This workshop provides acting or directing students with a whole “tool-box” full of practical knowledge and applied experience for their present and future work.

The workshop also examines the collective processes in the creation of new plays, guides towards selecting the themes, finding existing plays with contemporary relevancy or when and how to create new plays collectively, deciding upon the form, content and technique as well as which staging or acting methods to employ, plays in theatres, pieces for other venues; and how individualistic artists can best fulfill their function in an ensemble.


This new workshop brings the potential, the power and the effect of the body in theatre into focus. It offers an in-depth examination of the feeling-mind, the desire-mind and the body-mind of the performers. A variety of individual and collective exercises facilitate the exploration and immediate implementation of staging techniques for physical theatre as well as impro-composed expressions, free of habitual patterns.

Upon request the workshops will also include a special lecture demonstration and question- and answer session about the work of the LIVING THEATRE.

Hans Echnaton Schano draws his experience as actor, director and teacher from a multitude of different theatrical traditions. From the Anti- Modern and Post- Modern innovations in performance art, the theatre of the Off-Off Broadway, the collective creations of the Living Theatre, Grotowski, Artaud’s “Athletes of the Heart”, Meyerhold’s Bio-Mechanics and from Stanislavski all the way to the classical and modern traditions of the Far East.

All his workshops include practical exercises designed to further creative breath, sensual awareness, immediate perception, reflex excitability, sensory feeling-tone in vocal and mimetic expression, visualization, rhythm and dynamics, sound - and movement coordination, differentiation of voluntary and involuntary processes, of individuality and persona and of natural, of ritualized and of original irreplaceable expressions, participants may gain a new and largely facilitated approach to the complex relationship between form, content and technique in performance and theatre.

Hans Echnaton Schano’s seminars, workshops and lectures always bring people closer to themselves. His exercises for breath and voice encompass the widest range of human feelings and desires imaginable in a balanced state of body and mind, while his personal dynamics lead his students to a better understanding of the true range of their own potential and to a greater sensibility towards others.